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Water Pumps

Water Power And Water Saving devices aimed at saving save water and electricity. The Dripping Tap Demonstration shows just how much water is wasted by a dripping tap, originally developed for Sutton & East Surrey Water. The model is very easy to set up and use and is an ideal teaching aid for school, university, college and many other applications. Our new water-power section combines the latest water powered technology together with your everyday digital technology. The final result being that appliances cost nothing to run as you never have to rely on batteries again.

The water power clocks keep on going as they would if they were powered by batteries. The only difference being that water is much more environmentally friendly to dispose of than batteries and much more practical to get your hands on if you ever run out of power.

A great novelty item ideal to introduce new ways of implementing energy saving ideas into your everyday life that will ultimately lead to a cleaner more environmentally friendly environment.