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Viridian Clearline Monocrystalline Solar Module 270Wp 60 Cell Black In The Roof Integrated

Viridian Clearline Monocrystalline Solar Module 270Wp 60 Cell Black In The Roof Integrated
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Manufactured In The UK

Ideal For refurbishing or building a new roof

As solar power moves beyond government subsidy to become a home improvement option, its kerb-appeal is becoming more and more important. Integrated solar has come of age, and with Clearline Fusion the highest quality and aesthetics now come at a price competitive with above-roof solar.  Roof integrated solar has always been the obvious choice when refurbishing or building a new roof. Clearline Fusion also brings high quality roof integration within reach for retrofit applications. Now more people can benefit from the advantages of going in-roof. Enjoy lower energy bills without reducing the resale value of your home by investing in great looking in-roof solar panels. 

Clearline 20 and 30 series integrated solar panels are 80mm thin. The Clearline Fusion PV roofing system is only 69mm. When integrated with rolling tiles, the panels finish flush with the tile surface. Connections are neatly tucked away behind and hidden from sight. Solar panels should continue producing energy for you well beyond twenty years. In this time it is likely that the existing roof covering will need maintenance. By roof integrating solar panels you ensure that all tiles or slates are easily accessible for maintenance.

Contrast this with the issues that arise when attempting to maintain a roof behind a solar panel mounted on rails, which could require the solar system to be electrically disconnected, then disassembled and reassembled just to access a couple of cracked tiles behind.

Technical Specification

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm) 1640 x 992 x 69
Frame Colour Black
Material Monocrystaline
SKU VIR-PV16/270
Weight (kgs) 21

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