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Rutland FM910-3 Furlmatic Wind Turbine 250W 12V / 24V

Rutland FM910-3 Furlmatic Wind Turbine 250W 12V / 24V
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Rutland FM910 3 Wind Turbine 250W 12V / 24V

The Furlmatic FM910-3 is a land based wind turbine designed for providing power to caravans and remote buildings with no access to the mains electricity. The stored power can be used for generating electricity to power a few energy saving light bulbs and/or a few small electrical appliances.

The Furlmatic FM910-3 model design tilts the wind turbine horizontally at right angles to the prevailing wind at wind speeds above 35mph. This special land based wind turbine feature protects the turbine from high winds and reduces stresses on the turbine and tower. This is achieved as the 'furling' tail fin moves the turbine out of strong winds resulting in a longer lifespan for your wind turbine.

Rutland FM910-3 Wind Turbine Power Output

  • Low wind speed start up of 5 knots
  • Generates 90 Watts @ 19 knots
  • Generates 24 Watts @ 10 knots
Key Product Features
  • The unique alternator design maintains momentum between gusts of wind, unlike most other turbines.
  • Furling tail design protects the turbine from strong winds above 16 m/s.
  • 360 degree free rotation: the 'post adaptor' secures the turbine to the pole which carries the slip ring and brush gear. This enables the turbine to rotate 360 degrees freely without causing the wires to twist inside the mounting pole.
  • Low-friction 3 phase alternators provide a quiet operation.
  • Strong steel components.
  • Easy installation directly onto steel tubing.
  • Narrow and efficient blades.
  • Automatic thermostat protection in prolonged gales.


  • 6 efficient aerofoil blades
  • Turbine diameter = 910mm
  • Power output = up to 250W
  • Available as a 12V or 24V system

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