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Marine Solar And Wind Kits

Our Marine Wind Turbine Kits offer a wide range of reliable energy generating solutions for use on board your Barge, Boat or ocean going Yacht. The wind chargers are situated in an ideal location enabling them to make the most of all the wind power to charge your on-board batteries.

The Rutland 504 in our Yacht Budget Kit (ideal for boats under 10m) and the Rutland 913 in our Yacht Mid Range Kit (ideal for boats over 10m) are ideal for charging batteries for use on board your live aboard or weekend boat.

A great way to power systems such as navigation, engine starting and lighting rings but can even power home voltage equipment like laptops, phone chargers, hairdryers etc with a 240v to 12V inverter such as the Cotek 600w Inverter.

So, make the most of setting sail on those breezy seas and utilize the environmentally friendly energy generation using one of our marine turbines systems.