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Karasouli SCC50 Wind Turbine Charge Controller 50A

Karasouli SCC50 Wind Turbine Charge Controller 50A
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Karasouli SCC50 Wind Turbine Charge Controller 50A 12 or 24 Volts

UK Designed And Manufactured 

This Karasouli Simple Charge Controller offers a complete and easy solution for charge controlling any type of small scale wind turbine. It has a LCD display showing operational modes and is easily user configurable to work at either 12 or 24 volts, and comes in 50A power ratings to suite wind turbines up to 1500 watts on a 24 volt circuit. The SCC50 is a simple charge controller for the small generation market, it is a simple charge controller, not because of it’s design and functionality, but the simplicity it brings to the user. There is no need to match a dump load to the wind turbine as the delta modulated PWM will use as much or as little of the dump capacity to float the battery once it is fully charged.

The ease of this controller means the user needs simply connect a wind turbine, battery and dump load, the Simple Charge Controller will bulk charge the battery at the full capacity of the wind turbine until the user set point is reached. It will then utilize the dumpload to float the battery at this voltage. Keeping the battery topped up, and dumping only excess power.

Key Product Features:
  • 50A rated power
  • User configurable to either 12v or 24v
  • Easy setup LCD Display
  • Rated to 750 Watts on a 12V circuit
  • Rated to 1500 Watts on a 24V Circuit
  • No need to match dump load and wind turbine
  • Uses Delta Modulated pulse width modulation
  • IP55 Casing

PWM Data: 20 kHz PWM signal, variable at a resolution of 1%, adjusted at 2kHz
Current Draw: ~25mA
Factory Settings: Supplied set for 12v lead acid batteries. UpperChargeLimit : 14.8v
Maximum Input Current:  SCC50 :  50A
Minimum Battery Voltage : 10v
Connection: SCC50 : 57A Screw Terminals

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