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Forgen Wind Turbine

The Forgen wind turbines are particularly suited to off grid, mobile and combined wind and PV applications. The PV/wind power combination can be effective because wind power availability is highest in winter when available solar power is at its minimum and vice versa. Micro wind turbines are most often used to charge batteries which run small scale electrical applications in remote locations, on caravans and boats. Forgen offer the smallest vertical axis machine in the range and measure just 200mm diameter in plan dimensions and just over 300mm tall.  This small entry level unit is designed for single battery installations typically up to 150Ah of battery. There are two models offered in the range, the normal temperature model (NT) and the low temperature model (LT).  The Forgen wind turbines are suitable for temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, where as the low temperature models are designed to continue operating in temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius.  Uniquely,during high speed wind tunnel tests the Forgen models were still spinning and delivering output in 100mph winds, which is often seen as a challenge for many horizontal axis machines. This vertical axis wind driven generator embodies long established, high efficiency generator principles, combined with turbine airflow expertise. Low inertia of the carefully balanced all aluminium rotor assembly enables the maximum advantages to be taken of average weather conditions.