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Educational Wind Turbine And Solar Kits

Our range of wind turbine and solar panel green power educational kits offer practical experience to help teach the basic principles of generating electricity from renewable energy. The wind turbine and solar panel educational kits have been designed to bring together both science and technology to reinforce basic knowledge of the environment, electricity, data monitoring, statistics and theory therefore helping support education.

The wide range of wind and solar educational kits are ideal for schools, colleges, universities and eco-friendly demonstration centres. With each teaching system accommodating a range of educational levels such as the junior, senior and graduate packages. All kits are easy to install and use. We do however offer a installation service. We believe that wind turbines and solar panel technology will be the future of energy generation and with many educational facilities using wind turbines and solar pv panels for demonstration purposes we can provide your school, college or university with a product that best suits your teaching needs.

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