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Classroom Wind Turbine Educational Kit

Classroom Wind Turbine Educational Kit
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Bring wind power into your classroom with the classroom wind turbine kit. A ideal teaching tool used to demonstrate the basic principles of how electricity can be generated from the wind. The hands-on wind charger kit is fun and easy to use either in the classroom, using a desk fan, or outdoors. The desk mounted turbine rotates to face into the wind and demonstrates the production of electricity through the attachment of the motor, LED or buzzer units supplied. Suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools, the wind turbine kit can be assembled in minutes straight out of the box and comes with its own storage case.

A fantastic interactive teaching aid to build on the importance of renewable energy. Ideal for science experiments, the government's 'Sustainable Schools' initiative, EcoSchools awards and Environmental studies. The classroom wind power demonstration kit also comes complete with pupil experimental work sheets. The worksheets have been designed for teachers to use with their pupils to investigate how the turbine works, and then to share and discuss their findings.

Key Product Features:

  • Developed with and endorsed by the National Energy Foundation
  • Overall height: 70cm
  • 6 x propeller blades
  • 5 gearing options; 50-tooth gear x 1; 40-tooth gear x 1; 30-tooth gear x 2; 20-tooth gear x 1; 10-tooth gear x 1
  • 1.5-6V generator motor
  • Dual-function ammeter/voltmeter
  • Motor module
  • LED module
  • Buzzer module
  • 2 x 4mm stackable leads
  • Activity sheets 1-3
  • Care and maintenance sheet
  • Ammeter/voltmeter user manual
  • Safety goggles must be worn
  • Adult supervision required
  • Number of blades: 2,3 or 6 - The voltage can be measured using the dual-purpose ammeter/voltmeter to investigate the effects of adding extra turbine blades.
  • Change the blade angle - The blade angles can also be changed to investigate what effect this may have on the system.
  • What can the turbine do? - The LED, buzzer and motor can be connected to demonstrate the polarity of the current generated by the wind turbine.
  • Change gears - With 5 easy to change gearing options you can investigate speed and voltage depending on the gear selected.
  • Indoors/outdoors - Suitable to set up experiments either indoors, using a desk fan, or outdoors using real wind power.


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