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Caravan Wind Turbine And Solar Kits

We offer a wide selection of caravan wind turbine, RV, camper and camping power generating systems such as the mini budget kit, The mid range kit and The top end range kit that are ideal for all sorts applications.

Our complete micro wind turbine kits provide you with everything that you will require to start generating your own electricity. The caravan wind turbine kits offer trickle charging solutions to help provide enough power for applications such as; providing electricity for your campsite lighting,  some household electrical appliances.

Whatever your needs, we offer a unique, large selection of camping and outward bound wind turbine systems. A great way to have tempory power when there is no localised electricity supply to plug into. We now supply the EFOY generators which are a great way to produce constant electricty. Great for RV's and mobile camper vans.

Power 240v items without mains power

We provide wind turbines to power all sorts of camping electrical power items so you have the home comforts while being in the great outdoors. Wind turbine provide power to places that don't already have cables running to them. For electricity savings please refer to our energy saving products..

Other uses after camping

YES - We find that the majority of our wind charger sales go to supplying power to yachts/barge, remote telemetry sites, remote horse stables, garden sheds, educational use, caravanning/camping and illuminated roadside signs. Please refer to our tailored home wind turbine kits for your individual power requirements.

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