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Batteries AGM and Gel

A high quality sealed battery such as a AGM or GEL is adviced for wind turbines and solar panel kits to deliver power over a long life and service in sometime extreme conditions. A maintenance free AGM or GEL battery provides energy stored for backup power over periods of low wind or solar power generation. The reserve is determined by usage and other factors effecting power generation such as weather and location. Each battery offers different energy storing capacity which can vary depending on the Wind Turbine or Solar Panel you choose to generate your free electricity.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel batteries are two different types of deep cycle cell battery. The AGM electrolyte solution is contained in glass mats and as the battery is fully sealed it will not leak, even if there has been damage to the outside section. Gel batteries are for system critical installations (professional range) and again are sealed for life so require no maintenance. The robust nature of both battery types makes them a great alternative to traditional ones.

Our full range of  AGM and Gel batteries are ideal for use with wind turbine installations, providing you with renewable energy. Ranging from 33 ampere hours all the way up to 135 ampere hours providing all of your energy storage requirements.